The Company

Physiotherapy that is PROFESSIONAL AND TRUSTED

Steps & Providence Pte Ltd
Incorporated in Singapore
Registration Number: UEN 201027487K

Established in 2007 and helmed by Joan Law Bing Bing, Steps & Providence is a physiotherapy clinic that offers patient-centric health recovery services using therapy techniques and advanced technology that are scientifically proven and applied with conviction.


We are guided by the following principles in treating our patients:


  • Personalised in approach – We offer treatments that are tailored to your needs, rather than standard packages;
  • Dignified in style – We treat you the way we want ourselves treated; and
  • Compassionate in touch – We need you to be in the clinic for your treatments as frequently as is necessary. However, we recognize that a supportive family is equally, if not more important, in any healing process. Our greatest joy is when you are all healed and healthily out and about with your loved ones.