Elyn Peh

Name of patient: Elyn Peh

“…I used to have reservations about physiotherapy, but I firmly believe now, that with patience, hard work and perseverance, it does work for me. In cases where medication fails to work, physiotherapy can be very effective.”


  • After a trip to Osaka, Japan in November 2013, Elyn suffered from severe pain in the right ankle.
  • An X-ray was taken, and the specialist confirmed that the pain was caused by a fracture in her foot and her flat feet.
  • There was no medication that could offer her relief.

Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • Elyn sought treatment with Steps & Providence in January, 2014.
  • Joan’s diagnosis suggested that her pain in the thighs, back, neck and head were all intertwined and an integrated treatment programme was necessary.
  • Following a series of physiotherapy, it was time to start training on her stamina which has deteriorated from her inability to walk much, post injury.
  • To prevent further injury to Elyn’s fragile foot bone by putting full body weight on her feet, the AlterG allowed her feet protection, letting her run at 40% of her body weight.
  • With much determination and perseverance, the pain slowly went away months later and Elyn resumed her travel plans.

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