Name of Patient: Gladys


“…my condition…(was) a form of RSI (Repeated Stress Injury) due to my constant marking as a teacher, incorrect way of carrying baby and perpetuated by hormonal changes when pregnant and breastfeeding…”



  • Suffered intensive pain on the left wrist just weeks before delivery.
  • Not able to hold a pen and write.
  • Obstetrician thought the pain would go off after delivery.
  • After the new-born arrived, no amount of tonics and post-natal massages would ease the pain.
  • The pain persisted for 5 months.


Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • In her first phone to the clinic, Gladys was advised by Joan that hers was a condition of Repeated Stress Injury (RSI), known as De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis, or “Mummy’s Thumb”.
  • After a session of heat treatment, her condition improved.
  • Within 3 weeks, she was able to write without any pain!


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