Irene Ong

Name of patient: Irene Ong

“…two years post-op, my grandmother is in Europe as I am drafting this testimonial… She is happily proclaiming that she can walk everywhere thanks to Joan and Alter G…”


  • Due to aging joints, then 76-year old Irene Ong could not walk without pain and without the aid of a walking stick.
  • After a surgery for 2 Total Knee Replacements, she felt stiff and fearful about overworking her knees.
  • She badly needed an intensive rehabilitation programme.

Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • To get Irene out of her depressive mood and get her moving, Joan started the treatment with Alter G.
  • Irene was exhilarated at being to walk and exercise without fear of falling – something which she had not been able to do with confidence for the last 10 years.
  • After 3 months of treatment, everyone at home saw Irene’s significant recovery : she could bend her knees at 90 degrees, and the best of all, travel overseas for holidays.

For Irene’s story as told through Lynnette, her granddaughter, click here .