Stefanie Theis

Name of patient: Stefanie Theis

“The additional advantage of having Joan is that she is a trained Childbirth Educator.”


  • Soon after the birth of her second child, Stephanie, a busy stay-home mother of two, experienced pain in the neck and shoulder, and numbness in her arm.
  • It was almost impossible to do any household chore and child minding activities without pain.
  • Her doctor suggested that she see Joan at Steps & Providence.

Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • A mother herself, Joan totally emphathised with Stefanie’s situation and was particularly flexible when it comes to scheduling her appointments.
  • Stefanie’s treatment programme comprised of manual manipulative techniques and electrotherapy.
  • She was taught Pilates and floor exercises which she could do at home.
  • While fixing her pain problems, Stefanie learnt pregnancy-related back care tips.
  • She eventually gave birth to a third child, and had a wonderful post-natal recovery.

Learn how a mother like Stefanie had her pain treated and benefited from a trained childbirth-educator’s tips on caring for herself during her pregnancy here !