Name of Patient: Gillian, 17 at time of treatment


“…close to 2 years after I began my AlterG workout, I could say that I have never expected to come this far…with the help of Joan and the AlterG, I found myself more hopeful and determined to be physically independent…”



  • Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma at the 9th Thoracic Vertebra in 2010.
  • Experienced numb limbs, which were fast deteriorating.
  • After an operation to remove the malignant tumour, Gillian was paralysed waist down.
  • In 2011, with intensive physiotherapy, Gillian progressed from wheelchair to walker, at a below-par frame of balance.
  • By 2012, she was able to walk, and only walk.
  • In the later part of 2012, she suffered a relapse and had to be put back on chemotherapy and radiation therapy. This second round of treatment ended at the beginning of 2013.


Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • Early 2013, Gillian visited Joan Law. Upon consultation, Joan commenced anti-gravity training for her, starting with 5-minute walking sessions.
  • The core muscle training eventually intensified into hour-long exercises, allowing Gillian to “run” and sweat – something that has been badly missed by the youngster.
  • In less than two years, by 2014, although she could still only walk, but the increased stamina and strengthened muscles have allowed Gillian to travel overseas.


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