YenYen, Scott’s Mum

Name of patient: Scott

“Regardless of our worries, we as parents, just have to support our kids, who are into sports. And try to keep them as safe as possible, with physio rehab, whenever necessary…”



  • Scott loves soccer but his mum worries about his safety.
  • “ Being a mother, I have to pray for his safety, especially so during the competitions. “
  • He then experienced a sharp pain in the right knee and felt the knee was giving way.
  • By then, knowing something was wrong, he decided to seek treatment.
  • MRI showed a suspected hairline tear in his meniscus.
  • His doctor suggested physiotherapy to help him recover.


Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • Joan explained the pathology and the rationale of sports therapy.
  • Scott’s treatment programme included strengthening exercises, both in the clinic and at home and patient education.
  • Scott has maintained a strong recovery and continues to play soccer.

Learn how a mother like Yen, with the help of physiotherapy, supports her son in his love for soccer here !