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March 2012, I was on holiday in Europe when I fell down from the hotel escalator. There was no major injury other than a small cut on my upper lip. Back then I thought I was lucky but a year later, I started feeling pins and needles all over my left leg. Initially I thought this was related to a stroke attack.
I was referred to an Orthopaedic Specialist where I went through several screening and diagnostic imaging. I was diagnosed with disc bulge at L4/L5 and facet joint arthrosis from L3/4 to L5/S1.
The doctor reviewed my condition, who upon considering my lifestyle, advised me to either pick up Pilates or physiotherapy.
For optimal recovery in the shortest time span, I opted for physiotherapy treatment. I was referred to Steps & Providences where I met with Joan Law, the physiotherapist.
A series of assessments was performed and a treatment plan was prescribed along with a 70/30 golden rule. 70/30 golden rule? I puzzled. It was to be 70% treatment to be done in clinic and 30% at home by patient 😉
Joan “warned”, however, that this rule will be reversed as treatment progresses. Meaning, by the end of it, I, the patient, will be responsible for the majority 70% of the work while she would just guide along.
Besides the therapy treatment, I was introduced to a new rehab technology, the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. Initially, I was skeptical about the machine. With my medical condition, what if I lose control and fall? Will it cause more stress to my already injured spine? With Joan’s encouragement, I decided to go for it. The first thing that came to my mind was “WOW! I can run like a pro!” With support on the lower limbs support and gravity-reducing features, the A-G treadmill made my running sessions fall free, with less stress on my two feet while correcting my physical posture at the same time.
I had an intensive weekly treatment which was panned out gradually over 8 months, and I could see my condition improve after every treatment.
I used to run when I was well, so when I was diagnosed with disc bulging issue, it was a big hit on me. However, both my doctor and physiotherapist encouraged me not to give up my hobby.
I went for my 10KM running event early April 2013 with uncertainty. After 4 months of physiotherapy treatment, I went for my 2nd event – this time with more confidence and less anxiety. November was the last for the year, which I did it with full confidence.
While I still have occasional aches and pain these days, I now know how to self-manage (treat) very confidently. After Joan’s extensive teaching of exercises and posture care, with each therapy session, I feel I am much in control of my own body and have learnt to listen to it. I will call her whenever I have queries and she will guide me.
Thank you, Steps & Providence and Joan, for bringing me back to shape so that I can enjoy my running in style.

Note: Testimonials from patients are not or slightly edited for originality purposes

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