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From: Gladys Ng

To: Joan Law, Steps & Providence

Date: 26 December 2014

Subject: De Quervain’s Tenosynovitis – also known as – “Mummy’s Thumb”


A few weeks before my firstborn was due to be delivered, I experienced pain on my left wrist. It was to the point that I couldn’t write. My obstetrician couldn’t advise me except that hopefully it would go away after delivery.


On the contrary, the pain persisted and in fact worsened. I couldn’t even support my newborn using my left hand. The confinement nanny suggested drinking DOM to improve blood circulation. The Malay masseur massaged the wrists as well. My condition didn’t improve. After 5 months of bearing with the pain, I was desperate for a solution as I was to return to work within a month

I chanced upon Steps & Providence Therapy Services Pte Ltd while going to a neighbouring shop. I gave Joan a call and briefly described my condition. She was spot on in diagnosing my condition and even gave me the term (I can’t remember, pls help!) to read up on. It’s a form of RSI (Repeated Stress Injury) due to my constant marking as a teacher, incorrect way of carrying baby and perpetuated by hormonal changes when pregnant and breastfeeding.

Throughout this episode, Joan was very professional, supportive and assuring. After just 1 session of heat treatment, my condition improved. Within 3 weeks, I was able to write without experiencing any pain. She also showed me how to correctly handle my baby to prevent the injury from occurring. It was a eventful journey for me as a new parent and I’m grateful for Joan!

Note: Testimonials from patients are not edited for originality purposes.

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