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Date: 2015-06-16 18:54
From: Ying Huang
To: Joan Law Bing Bing
Three years ago, I sprained my ankle severely when my feet lost control while going downstairs. I first went to a public hospital for treatment. After a series of examinations, a specialist gave me some medicine to apply and told me to buy a pair of boots to assist walking. That didn’t help at all, my foot was very swollen and I had to hop around in order to move a short distance.
After I went to Gleneagles to seek treatment from Dr. Wong, he referred me to Steps & Providence for physiotherapy. That was three weeks after my injury and my ankle became stiff due to lack of movement.
After two month’s treatment at Steps & Providence, I can finally walk without crutches. Joan was a very experienced and patient therapist, I was very assured that I was in good hands after the first session. From teaching me how to walk properly with the support of crutches, to flexibility training of ankle and foot, she stretched the difficulties of recovery exercise progressively till I could be back to normal.
I am grateful to both Dr. Wong and Joan for the recovery of my ankle. Before I met the two of them, I once thought I might have to be wheelchair-bound for a long time as the situation of my ankle went from bad to worse. The thought of loss of freedom to move around really scared me. Fortunately, with the right diagnosis and physiotherapy, I recovered after two and a half months. I never thought of it a big deal being able to walk around by myself, until I almost lost it.
Note: Testimonials from patients are not or only slightly edited for originality purposes.

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