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From: Jesmin
Date: Monday, May 11, 2015
Subject: Thank you!
To: Joan Law
My left wrist was injured 18 months ago. I suffered from severe pain especially in the morning when I get up from bed. I was on TCM treatment for a period of time. The orthopaedic told me to go for a surgery as steroid injection could only relieve the pain temporarily. The pain improved slightly over time but would come back each time after my grocery shopping. I felt weakness in my left hand and had to refrain from travelling.
Until after one or two sessions of Indiba treatment, I felt my left hand regaining some strength. I went for a holiday three months ago without having much difficulty handling my baggage and had enjoyed myself throughout the trip. This treatment has proven to be effective for me.
Thank you for your tender loving care and prescribing this treatment for me.

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