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Lauren & Tony Hallett
East Coast Singapore
September 2014

My wife and I attended Antenatal classes with Bing Bing at Steps & Providence. We chose to have a one to one class rather than join a group. It was clear from the start that Bing Bing was very experienced, of course being a mother herself! One of the best parts was the mix of Western and Asian techniques that she showed to us. Also the class was taught partly in Mandarin Chinese (my wife’s first language) and also English. When our little boy Ian came along in July 2011, we were thankful for what we had learnt! Looking back we are really glad we had the chance to attend the classes and it was magical when a few months later we introduced our little Ian to Bing Bing and chatted about what we had learnt during lessons. Bing Bing was also happy to give us some extra ideas about parentcraft.

During my pregnancy as well as the classes I visited Bing Bing for physio. While I was pregnant the physio was really great and helped my back pain and allowed me to relax. Bing Bing also gave me some helpful advice on posture and how to set up pillows so I could get a good nights sleep.

We would really recommend both the antenatal classes and the physio services at Steps & Providence.

Note: As clients and patients of Steps & Providence we are happy to give permission to Joan Law Bing Bing to share our feedback / testimonial.

Lauren, Tony and Ian – East Coast Singapore

Note: Testimonials from patients are not edited for originality purposes.

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