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From: Sau Cheong Chung
Date: Sept 05, 2015
Subject: Testimonial from SC

I was not a strong believer in physiotherapy. It was because of my constant pain on both of my knees and frozen shoulder that had brought me to ‘try everything that I could to recover’. I had tried many other options, including physiotherapy at other clinics before a friend suggested that I try to see Joan.
When I first came to Joan’s session, I knew I was in good hands. She was very patient and detailed in checking my condition, any relevant background information and daily activities. She used her unique way to make me understand my condition and carefully selected simple exercises for me to work with on my body.
In just a short time, three sessions within a month, she has empowered me to be more confident in resuming my daily activities without fear, especially in handling my 7 month old son (I could not carry my son to walk before seeing her).
I am very grateful for her teaching and guidance in managing my knees condition, patellofemoral joint pain. Now, I can enjoy my life even more with improved awareness and convenient exercises taught by her.
My condition may seem mild to many, but I strongly recommend that her therapy and sharing is definitely worth way beyond words.
I am now a mini physiotherapist for my own condition!
Thank you very much Joan. I am more confident to have and handle a second child!!
Note: Testimonials from patients are not edited or slightly for originality purposes.

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