Huang Ying

Name of patient: Huang Ying

“…(Joan) stretched the difficulties of recovery exercises progressively till I could be back to normal…”


  • Huang Ying had a severe sprain in the ankle.
  • The first doctor told her to wear boots – which was not helpful at all.
  • Three weeks after the injury, the ankle became stiff and she had to walk with crutches.
  • Another specialist referred her to Steps & Providence.

Experience with Steps & Providence:

  • Joan first taught Huang Ying how to walk with the support of crutches, before moving on to flexibility training of the ankle and foot.
  • The level of difficulty of the recovery exercises was stretched according to her progress.
  • After two months at Steps & Providence, Huang Ying is able to walk without crutches.
  • Huang Ying shares her heartfelt lesson. That to be able to walk independently, an ability previously taken for granted by her, is really precious after all.

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