Sau Cheong Chung

Name of Patient: Sau Cheong Chung


  • “…I was not a strong believer in physiotherapy… In just a short time, three sessions within a month, she has empowered me to be more confident in resuming my daily activities without fear, especially in handling my 7 month old son…”

  • “I am now a mini physiotherapist for my own condition!”

    • Sau Cheong suffers from chronic bilateral knee pain and a recent frozen shoulder.
    • The pain may seem mild to many but it has caused her to have difficulty in managing simple daily tasks and in her care for her baby.
    • She wants to be in control of her condition and heal as much as possible.


    Experience with Steps & Providence:

    • Joan assessed Sau Cheong’s condition and explained the pathology.
    • She taught simple exercises on how Sau Cheong should also care for her back besides her knees.
    • Being a trained childbirth educator, Joan is well versed in the needs of a new mum and how pregnancy related aches and pains can affect any joint related pain recovery and subsequently, the confidence of the mum.
    • Sau Cheong is encouraged to continue the home programme as advised and she looks forward to planning for a new baby!

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